Saturday, June 29, 2013

A special offer to all my stitching friends..

Tonight I heard from some lovely friends that the Tasmania Craft and Quilt show was on at the moment!
I loved doing the Tassie show. I met great designers there like Libby Richardson when she first started on her craft journey.

This photo is Libby and myself last year being silly, 'lean and pout'...
So there is some history for you, I think Libby's first show was in Tasmania even if she does live in Melbourne.

Anyway, I'm off topic again...

Because I can't be there again this year, and I miss the girls, I figured that I would put an offer out to every one.. You don't have to live in Tasmania, but we can't forget that little piece of Australia...

So here is my first Facebook / blog special..

If you place an order for anything on my website and write 'Facebook' or 'blog' in the comments section as you check out, I will send you a free pattern with your order..

The web address is

I heard recently from about 3 dozen ladies at a quilters picnic that they had heard I had finished with the business and was no longer doing the patterns or the buttons.. I was a bit disappointed to hear that so I would appreciate it if you could share the love around and let your friends know I am still here I am just unable to do the big craft fairs at this stage..

So I hope 'the power of the Internet' can help put the gossip aside and everyone can have a freebie along the way!

Also please let your friends know, as again I heard more confusion...
Brandy Gully is my pattern / design name... similar to Anni Downs has 'Hatched and Patched', I have Brandy Gully..
For those that are curious, Brandy Gully is the name of the small spring fed creek that runs through our back paddock

So I hope that gives you some fun to go check out my web site, tell your friends and get inspired!!
For the girls in Tasmania, I miss you and hope to come visit again soon..

Happy stitching and if you haven't already, find me on Facebook at Nikki Tervo..
I hope you are having a happy day

Look who I had to feed dinner tonight

Our neighbours new pet 'bearded dragon' baby...

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Joy said...

You CROPPED me!!!!!!!! LOL
Love your little house guest ....
Mwah xxx