Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A little nifty pin cushion

Recently I have seen some cute little pincushions so thought I would have a go at making one. Then it all seemed to go a bit further...
I was originally given one that had a 'timber turned' base but there was no point in showing that, because how could you make one?
So whilst wasting a bit of time making some little things here's how my little projects were made...

Starting with a little pack of 21/2" squares that I had, I picked out four and sewed them together...

These are only 2 1/2" squares so 4 1/2" square finished.

Then using a 4 1/2" circle, trace the circle on the back.

Then cut circle out..

Gather up the circle like a suffolk puff by using a running stitch 1/4" in from the edge of the seam.
Then stuff hard with toy fill and end off but keep your needle and thread attached..

Then place a tiny button on the top centre

and stitch it onto the little stuffed cushion. Pulling it tight. I passed the needle back and forth through the button and the whole cushion.

Then you need to make a couple of decisions..
Do you want a ring to wear on your finger or do u want it to be on your sewing machine?

To make a ring, you need a plastic bottle top from a bottle of soft drink, a small length of hat elastic and a drill with a small drill bit.
Drill two holes in the lid that are big enough to thread the hat elastic through and tie the ends together inside the lid. Then use some good strong glue and glue your cushion to the lid.
(The flat part of the lid sits on your finger so you need to put the glue on the rim of the lid to stick it to your cushion)

I used a small amount of ric rac to decorate my lid and Voila it was finished.

Your pins can be quite long as they go into the lid and don't stick your finger.

Then the second option is to make a cushion that you sit on your sewing machine. (some of us are lucky enough to have a second holder on our sewing machines to hold our thread and this is ideal for that)
Instead of gluing the little cushion to a lid, glue it to a cotton reel..

I cheated and used a cute little wooden reel but any cotton reel will do.
If you don't have a second thread holder on your machine, just sit your little cushion next to your machine.

Perfectly cute and perfect fun.
Ideal for gifts or any little sewing stall.
I hope you are having a happy day