Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some Facebook Funnies...

I'm not very good at Facebook.. I do it all on my phone, and can't 'share' so I thought I'd put a few 'funnies' up here for you..
Sorry I can't tell you where they came from...

Gotta love chooks...

Even rocks can make me laugh...

Oh to be a baby again...

And you thought I was being rude...

Every one needs a diet tip...

Making memories... i think i will do number 5 first...

Go Albert!!

Need i say any more...

Yep that's what you do...

I wish someone had told me this sooner LOL

Having a Hoppy Easter

Which comes first? The chicken or the egg?
As in my last post on here, I am making up a quilt whilst 'bashing my stash'.
So you can do it too (because it is so easy and so quick), google '1600 jelly roll quilts' and you will find a you tube on how to make a really quick quilt top using a jelly roll...
One like this

(Thats Karens little feet under there) this top was a jelly roll Karen had but didnt know what to do with it.. in less than 3 hours it was all done and ready to sandwich...
Ann did one using a Blue 'rainbow'..

And mine was a green 'Rainbow' pack.

Im going to applique wild animals on mine to remind us of our trip to Dubbo Zoo last year..
so as you can see it was a very productive night whilst we watched 'The Block' final last week

The large screen TV is obviously on the left of this photo LOL
So with finding this 'way too easy' method of putting a top together, i decided to chop up my stash into strips..
fat quarters and meterage were all cut.. i did however cut the strips 3" wide so the quilt was bigger and because there was SO much fabric, I cut more than the standard 40 strips of a jelly roll!

And of course, there was so MUCH in the stash.. I cut the same amount for the backing..

Obviously I am still motoring through this part as I write this...
to make the back bigger for the Quilting part, i cut some extra strips to make it wider and will have to add a strip to top or bottom of the quilt when finished.. i may even use up all the Chooky Cushion Panels I have and put them through the middle..
So I hope you are having a Hoppy Easter break and if you want to have a quilt top done in just a few hours, heres a great one to do..
In the USA they have 'Jelly Roll Races' so maybe get a couple of friends together, watch the Youtube and get racing..
Enjoy yourself and let me know if you Raced with a jelly roll. LOL

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Joke is on me???

Tonight I decided to make yet another 1600 jelly roll quilt top (and backing...)
Only I figured I would 'bash my stash' and cut 3" strips instead from my ENORMOUS chook fabric stash..

Pictured is only one box and I had three, so you can imagine i thought it was a great idea!
Such a great idea (because the quilt top is fast and fun), I'm starting up my new bantam breeding and I had SO much fabric. I thought I would cut up enough for a larger quilt than 42 strips and I would also cut up enough to make a stripped backing as well!
Here is where the joke was discovered...

What is this I hear you ask???
I was given an enormous amount of different chook fabrics from one particular friend 15 years ago (yes I have treasured it all this time)
So here I was tonight FINALLY cutting it up.. I thought as I was cutting 'oh Judith must have left the tag on some of this fabric', because I could feel this lump of 'crackling stuff' within the fabric...

I finally came to one piece, cut my 4 strips, then shook the remainder fabric out so as to fold it back up... And suddenly Glitter was flying every where!!!

After laughing until I nearly coughed to death... I decided to check all fabric that I knew was given to me by Judith!!
Saying that there was only one packet of glitter involved, could very well be an understatement!!!
So Judith, you got me!! It took 15 years for me to discover your joke.. But I got there in the end!
If you are running short of fun in your life, buy some glitter bits and put it right inside a piece of fabric and give it to a much loved friend.
It may take them 15 years to use the fabric but it is the worlds funniest thing to do to a quilting friend!

Hope you are having a happy day

Monday, March 18, 2013

My new babies

I've been sooo busy!!
Stitching, designing, face booking, shopping on Gumtree and starting up a whole new family.. Well several families really...
Here's some family fun snaps..

The happy Pekin Mob..

Baby Lavender Belgians (the adults keep beating them up)

Da Boys (and their favourite Chicky Babe)

The Happy Quails

The big Lavender Trio (the quails beat up one of my beautiful girls)

The Quail Babies are getting bigger..

And the next generation.....
Oh the joy that families bring..
Hope you are having a happy day like me

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Highfield's projects

Thank you to Steph for sending me some photos of my projects I designed for The Girls Stitching last weekend

A compendium for note book and sketch book and a business card holders cover

Patterns will be released soon.
Kris Meares from Tag along Teddies used the same fabric and she made this gorgeous bag

Heres a better pic of the stitchery

So we had the same fabrics and colors but we certainly came up with very different ideas..
Now I'm starting on my next project. My 2013 Teapot Block of the Month. So far one drawing is done... So a lot more work to come..
Watch this space 😍
Hope you are having a happy day

Girls stitching day at Highfields

Thought if share some photos of my wonderful weekend I've just had at Highfields...
Arhhhh it was so wonderful!

Our sewing room

The shop set up just for the girls

Yummy Tilda!

Tag a Long Teddys

Made by Kris who was the other designer teaching

Some of my things on display

We had four gorgeous beginner girls join us on Sunday and they certainly stitched up a storm

Show and tell is always inspiring!
Sadly i completely forgot to take a photo of my project but I was photographed while undoing a knot in some ones thread LOL

Gotta say 'Thanks' to whoever took this photo.. NOT
So i had yet again a marvellous weekend and I hope you are having a happy day