Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A weekend stitching

After speaking with a few fellow bloggers I was instructed to share some of my journeys in Whinnie (motor home of the century) so as they could live vicariously through me.....
So read and enjoy fellow stitchers...
Last week was a hard and heavy one so as soon as the kiln was switched on at 5pm on Friday last, I was off!
Binna Burra and their powered sites are my saviour when I need some time out!

Not much of a view in this picture as basically I only leave the van to walk 25 yards to the amenities block and back when I have too.

This post of tin boxes may not mean much to the avid camper but to me it is my life line! Who could be a happy stitcher without power? My iron, the machine, my daylight light and my kettle, all need this and sorry, but relaxation needs power!!

I actually went to the trouble of making my bed for this photo but please note the view out the window!!

The sink area was turned into my cutting table, and I have to say it is the perfect height.

'Bertha' fits perfectly on the table with plenty of space and I have to say that the best moment was when I sat down, only to discover that the table was the Perfect height for me to sew!!

If you look past my glorious stitching zone and look out the window you will see a man heading off for a bush walk.
I don't really know who thought who more stupid?? Him thinking 'why the heck would you go to a glorious National Park just so you can stay inside using a sewing machine, and do what you could be doing at home and on such a glorious day' (and that had obviously occurred to me too!)
Or me thinking 'why would you go get all walked out when to sit and sew, with the birds singing, mountain fresh air wafting past, a Scrub Turkey fosicking around at the door, life simply couldn't get better than this!'

I did get some more sewing completed as John is helping me prove here. Note just how stressed he looks?? LOL he spent 90% of his time crashed out on the bed!
(For my Obssesive Cushion Disorder Followers, I have now completed eleven 18" cushions)

So stay tuned for more adventures as this weekend we are off to Tannum Sands near Gladstone, to take the shop to a weekend retreat at the most gorgeous place, 'Tanyalla'. Whinnie holds heaps of stock and the ability to stop for a cuppa and kindy nap.
If you would like to come and see my wares then the shop will be open to visitors on Saturday, after lunch. Contact me if you need more details.
Happy stitching

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The things we do....

Here I am, having a panic over painting buttons for back orders trying to calm my wee little nerves...
Then from across the neighbours fence comes a voice..
Do you own horses??
No, I say, but my daughter has her's staying with us.
Well says the Irish accent, I think they are visiting us.
Out I run, (way too fat for such things), John is VERY allergic to horses so he insists on coming too.
I have to accept as there are three on the loose... I only have two arms if you haven't noticed lately...
Sprint around the corner (ok sprint is a big word for wobble but my emotions were sprinting!!!)
And this is what I find!

The Klu Klux Klan have new members....
What the???

So for the horse lovers here are some crazy pics just taken of the three tear aways in my front yard.

Checking out the options...

Playing follow the leader...

Now attempting to do 'I'm the king of the castle'

This bit must be tastie..

Checking out behind Johns shed...

So if you wonder why sometimes your order is not sent straight out, remember my life is simply NOT normal......

And here's John waiting for the Telfast to work...LOL

Hope you are having a happy day

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brandy Gully is on Facebook

Technology is certainly not my strongest point but never the less I am still trying.....
Have just set up a business page for Brandy Gully Patchwork which is my shop, on Facebook so would love you to come join me as a friend!
Here's a few pictures of the shop

Love the doll patterns Ihave!

Some fabric

More fabric

Would feel lost without the plastic novelty buttons

More fabric

And a mix of all sorts of fat quarters
Makes me just want to sew and sew and make more buttons!

Hope you are having a happy day


So ever thought you were having a relaxing day with a friend only to have them make you do THE one thing you absolutely hate!!
Yep that is happening to me to day.  Or at least has happened!!
Now I am trying to link all my blogs to my Facebook and goodness knows what else she is trying to get me to do.....
Just as well she makes gorgeous bear!!!!
And every one wonders why I have grey hair....
Well she's blonde and I'm grey so you can figure out the rest yourselves......

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obsessive Cushion Disorder

Over Easter I buttoned like there was no tomorrow.
Painted heaps and designed a new zinger (well a range of zingers)
I will add the photo later as they are just soooo gorgeous!!!
Then because all the stock was going to AQC for Catherinas Country Collections and Patchwork by Sea, I figured I would sew for the four days myself up here. (if you can't join them then do it anyway LOL)

Starting with a whole heap of 3" strips that only had a couple that matched each other and they weren't even the full width of the fabric, I set out to make cushions!!
Well for most of us 2 would be enough but I am so fed up with these strips blocking up my sewing room, I have kept going....

And going...

These 2 piles are the last two after already completing 6 cushions LOL

One done....

2 done....

3 done...

4 done...

5 done...

6 done and all with ZIPS.....
What a woman?????

If you would like the pattern then please just email me at
And i will email it to u....
Free to share with friends and bash your stash!!!

Hope you are having a happy day