Monday, July 2, 2012

Baked Beans

I told you recently about my stitching night with my Teddy Bear making friends. The girls decided to make a weighted pin cushion and scrap bag using Tilda fabric.
I just finished mine...

How cute..

Using heavy metal buttons as the weight in the cushion, now it will sit happily next to my machine.

Lisa Dopking from Megellas Bears kindly supplied the fabric, 99% of the sewing, and my gorgeous little bear!

I used some lovely lace to give 'Baked Beans' a skirt and put a frill on my cushion. White ribbon was used to join the two together so my scraps go in the bag hanging off my sewing table.

In usual style all my things end up with a weird name. This one was called 'Baked Beans' as a lady walked past me as I was stitching on the lace and said, 'I used to make things that looked just like that out of baked beans tins. I washed my tins of course.'

Sorry but 'PLEASE EXPLAIN'???

Hope you are having a happy day