Saturday, January 11, 2014


To all my lovely friends who follow my Blog, I am sorry I haven't been blogging for ages!!
For some crazy reason I thought anyone with a computer would be on Face Book.. So FB being so immediate with feedback I have been posting on there and not on here..
A close friend has just pointed out this is not necessarily true 😃 So I will start my 2014 resolution now and start blogging yet again..

Right now I am sitting in Whinnie with my feet on the dash, heading home after 2 weeks holiday..
What a wonderful Christmas and New Year we have had..
So many laughs, family, old friends, perfect oceans, beautiful creeks, picturesque rainforest and amazing bugs, plants and wildlife..
All totally inspiring for a big design year in 2014..
Here's some happy snaps and quick bits of our wonderful journey from Brisbane to Cairns and back...

John and Mike at Airly Beach.. note the sharing of shoes as the ground was so hot...

John living it up on Christmas Eve with our seafood lunch.. as you can see... he was excited.

The aftermath left John exhausted LOL

My neice and I taught each other how to make trifle for Christmas Day.. neither of us had ever made one before!

Taught my Sister in law how to make a '1300 jelly roll race quilt'. Hayley has never made a quilt top before..

We got excited as after 4 hours we were finished

Gotta love beautiful Bali Pops!

John went for a walk on the beach just north of Mission Beach

I spent an hour looking at the colors of 'Gods scraps' and sadly the photos of the pebbles don't do the colors justice

Of course I had to stop at as many quilt shops along the way..

Mike got to buy mega huge bananas for just $1.50 per kilo!

We stopped at an orchid nursery and found out that coconuts make marvellous mounts for orchids

Mike, John and I got lost in 'All Crafts on Main' at Atherton.

We stayed at Lake Eacham Tourist Park over the new year

I awoke on the first day of 2014 to sit amongst the roses and figured this was 'the' sign that 2014 was set to be an awesome year..

The caravan park had the most amazing gardens full of angels and beautiful gardens

Birds played in the waterfountain that shot water up into the branches of the bushes

I bought a FABULOUS felt hat in Malanda

I hate 'selfies' but bought a great crochet hat to match my 'hippie freak' shirt

We spent hours admiring gorgeous gardens with wonderful friends who I grew up with (in the hinterland of the Gold Coast who now live up on the Tablelands)

Sandy fed a huge fish that is completely blind

Mike wanted to stay forever

We dined with wonderful old and new friends outside with the many beetles and bugs but wonderful BBQs

Saw wonderful waterfalls

John sadly filled Whinnie with unleaded fuel instead of Diesel, as we arrived in Townsville as we are heading home now. Thankfully the local 'super hero' Paul, pumped it all out this morning and got us back on the road..

We are now heading home to join in with our son, Matt and his friends who are having a 'Ute Pool Party' at home whilst watching cricket..

So thats how I ended 2013 and started 2014. I hope your holidays have been as happy and as inspiring as mine has been!

I look forward to sharing more sewing and quilting, fun and adventures this year and if you wish to have a more regular update please friend me on Facebook. Obviously you can find me under 'Nikki Tervo' and I also have a business page on Facebook 'Brandy Gully' if you wish to join me there too.
I wish you all an awesome 2014
I hope you are having a happy day

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