Thursday, June 6, 2013

High Tea Winner

Yesterday morning saw me and a few crazy friends going to a High Tea which was a fund raiser for the Redlands Quilt Extravaganza which will be held later in the year...

As you can see we were very well behaved and very lady like in our decorum.

Not sure if the red tea had much to do with our outstanding ability to acknowledge our wins in the cent auction.

Maybe it was the sugar load from all our yummy morning tea...

But then maybe it was the Blue Bird that was making all the noise!

Personally I have never been able to understand why people think I'm strange for squealing with delight when I win a prize in a cent auction...
With over 100 ladies all buying stacks of tickets in around 25 prizes, the odds aren't that great!
I was also a winner the second I walked in the door and was given a pair of hand knitted socks to keep my toes warm this winter. Thanks Val!

Then the fun began with the cent auction..
if any one won a prize at our table, we drummed and laughed and carried on.. (a true show of appreciation of our winnings, I thought!)
and the best part was, I headed up the winning table! Even if I did sit on one side..

Up in the very back corner (the naughty corner) we were number one!

Lucky duck, me, won 4 prizes!!!
Pictured above are all the crazy girls trying to do the finger signs that we were number one... Not sure if that worked!??

I won a gorgeous notebook set made by Joy Coey from Joy Patch, an Avon package, a funny mug that tells me I'm bossy (not sure why I put tickets in that one) and a fabulous sewing bag that was handmade by one of the local girls!

Needless to say I felt a bit of a Prize Hog so I'm sharing the love around..

Mike has a beloved member of his school staff, in hospital at the moment. Miss is going crazy from boredom so the sewing bag was filled with lovely sewing bits today and taken as a gift to the hospital! With such a thrilled response, it was worth the win just for that prize.

The Miss Bossy mug filled with lollies is being re gifted to Val (she doesn't know that yet LOL)
I'm in great need of the anti wrinkle cream from Avon as it says I will look 5 years younger in ten days...
And the sketch book / note pad is Definitely Mine!!!

So my day yesterday was great, the laughs were fabulous, food gorgeous, friends wonderful and prizes amazing!

A tip for anyone- don't ever get between me and a cent auction! I LOVE THEM!

Hope you are having a happy day

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Joy said...

It was a super fun day wasn't it!!?!! Congrats on all of your super wins Nikki ... I'm happy to have been the provider of one of your prizes .... and also chuffed that I could be your 'waitress' for the morning :o).
Big hugs
Joy xxxx