Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Tervo Tip on how to turn a negative into a positive!

Today started like every other day around here.. Waking up before I was ready to get up..
First job- let the chooks out into their yards, do waters, feed and doctor the hospital 'patients'...
After failing badly at introducing the new hens into the 'mob', they were put back into a smaller pen and I set out to rinse the big Sussex chooks eyes with warm salty water to clean them up..
Whilst cleaning the chooks eyes (later to be named Stefan) I suddenly realised I was absolutely crawling in mites and they were all covering her too!
Her eyes are so sore!!
I quickly dosed her again for mites ( I did it yesterday too!

Then tried to contact a 'new best friend' about what to do..
The mites were running into her eyes, biting her, biting me, and obviously making Stefan very sick!
A long discussion was held and as I had now overdosed her on chemicals my only cause of action was to give her a bath...

Sorry, no photos, a woman has to keep her dignity some how, and I'm not talking about the chook!!!

I have always sworn I would never wash a chook and blow dry it! It's a chook! I don't want to show them because I'm not going to wash them!!
But mites???
Little buggars!!!

For those of you who don't know, I have PTSD (Post Trauma Stress Disorder) and am very 'funny' about my hair and things in or on it! I was sitting in my PJs when I noticed the mites and my long hair was just dangling every where!
Consequence - I did some damage to myself as I 'flipped out' over the mites!

But if I felt like that then How did Stefan feel??
So.. The laundry tub was filled... Warm water of course...The water wetting agent added, the fabric softener added, and after being warned that Stefan had to be completely submerged to kill the mites, (and she may flap water every where), Stefan went into the tub!
My anxiety attack just kept building but the amount of mites and the desperation to save Stefan from these little sods was over riding the anxiety enough to keep going!
When the plug was pulled 15 minutes later, the water was feral with dead mites, so was I, and poor Stefan was blind, soaking and confused!
Wrapped in a beach towel, I put her out in the sun...
Here's a photo to show how sick she is and how wet!

Yep, that enormous red lump, should just be pink, flat and an eye...
Now do u understand why i did what i never said i would do... bath a chook???

Then the madness set in.. it was a cold day today... Stefan started to quiver... now my sick chookie was cold!
So out came the blow dryer from the ensuite!
Stefan was then subjected to a blow dry and style! Amazingly by this stage i had either nearly killed her or she liked the warmth, but either way, she sat perfectly still in my lap, while the Parlour Treatment continued!
A pic of the end result...

Another beautiful pic

Her eyes already looked better but certainly still horrid!
Stefan then was placed in her new hospital ward, in the sun, to rest and recouperate!

Only trouble is, by this stage the anxiety was huge and now I was in trouble!
my head was now injured further from self inflicted attack.. I was in agony!
So i figured if it was good for Stefan it was good for me...
look out shower here i come (photos stop here LOL)

Heres the Tervo Top Tip!!!
If you ever have a massive anxiety attack, remove yourself from the stresses and try as hard as you can to focus on something completely different...
Fact: I hate housework!!!
My shower was disgusting,
Soap scum and grunge every where!! Focus on cleaning the shower whilst the water drowns any bugs I might have in my hair...
Grand Plan..
Only no cleaning products or scrubbing brushes around and anxiety too great to go find one...
So I found these...

You know those 'pamper gloves' that help exfoliate your skin while you wash!
They are brilliant shower cleaners!
Stuff your hand inside and just wipe everything down.. No need to scrub hard.. No cleaning products required, great on glass, cleans off soap scum, removes mould, and if you can get your finger into the groove, your glove will just clean it away!!
Oh and if you are wondering, I know men's hands fit into the gloves, and best of all, they don't go mouldy in your shower in between cleans!!!
No chemicals are needed so the environment is happy, and no elbow grease is needed, just a wipe over!
The glass screens were clean and not scratched!
And best of all, I had gotten so caught up in how easy it was to clean my shower I had forgotten the mites, and the anxiety was fixed. I had washed and conditioned my hair along the way....
and FINALLY my shower was clean!!!

So there are a few Tervo Tips lessons for the day!......
mites make chooks really sick..
Don't use too much chemical as u can kill a chook that way...
Mites drown,
chooks are fairly easy to bath even if they are a bit stinky.
Chooks don't mind warm water to the top of their neck...
Blow drying chooks can be quite fun as long as no one is watching LOL
Anxiety can be calmed with distraction techniques..
And best of all, pampering gloves are Brilliant for cleaning bathrooms!!!

So I hope that makes your day so much better 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣

Hope you are having a happy day


By Hoki Quilts said...

Thanks for the giggle Nikki. Although you and your now super clean chook were both in pain (one way or another) the images your triting conjoured up were very funny. I hope by now you are both feeling and looking a whole lot better.

Janice said...

Well what a day you had. And see you got through it all in the end. You started off with a chook and ended up with a clean shower! I had a giggle at reading all this. And thanks for the tip, I have some of those gloves somewhere, I found them a bit rough going on my delicate skin, I never thought what else i could use them for. Please ahve a quite day today.

Joy said...

Poor Stefan!!!!
I hope the bath worked for her.
I spent the morning cleaning yesterday, similar motivation - but not with the chooks. LOL.
By the way ... Black and Red aren't picking on Chuckles quite so much, but they still won't be friends with her .... mean girls!!!
Hugs xxxxxxxxx