Monday, March 12, 2012

All good things must come to and end

Well my lovely weekend teaching in Toowoomba has sadly come to an end :-(
Lucky me has been invited to go back in September for the 'Girls Day Out' so I am thrilled!!
Here's a couple of pictures of the 'mystery project' I made for the event

Folder cover

Complete with all the lovely 'little projects' that go inside.
No true girls day is complete without gorgeous shoes so we ran a fun competition on the prettiest shoe. Here are the beautiful entries

Side view

Front view (and yes this was a motorbike boot!)

Side view

Front view and also the winner!

Side view

Closer up and just loved the felt flower!!

Yes this is a thong or at least used to be...

Elegance was the flavor of this evening shoe

The grand finale line up!
Needless to say every one won a prize as how can you beat that???
If you want to join in then contact the Quilters Angel in Toowoomba and hopefully I will c u in September!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What a class room

Well if you've stitched in a prettier class room then please send me a photo!!

Beautiful kits in beautiful bags

Balloons and flowers and biccies what more could you ask for?

Fabric and threads and gorgeous giveaways

Welcome to the class room of the Quilters Angel's 'Girls stitch in'
On today and tomorrow at Highfields in Toowoomba.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quilters Angel Stitching weekend

Well I've gotta say I'm getting excited.....
Off to Toowoomba this weekend to play with all the girls at the biannual stitching weekend.

The fabrics as you can see are just Devine and I must say that the project I have designed especially for the weekend, I am very pleased with.
I know there are still some places available if you would like to join us for a 'day on the green'.
I am staying in Whinnie for the weekend so that will be a hoot too.
Watch this space to see some photos of the weekend and I will show you some photos of the 'mystery project'.
For more information on the weekend ring The Quilters Angel on 07 46308062
Happy stitching

Friday, March 2, 2012

New member update

Yep!! You guessed it, Mrs Hen has been back to work hard in my sewing room....

Up these stairs she came...

Headed straight for her 'spot'...

Settled right in......

Delivered the newly made...

Let us know all was good!
And we returned to work painting buttons.
Oh the joys of the simple things....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New member to the Brandy Gully Quilters

Whilst chatting with Miranda the other day as we were sitting in my sewing room, it became evident that we had a visitor.

A very blurry picture but it is one of our chooks.

Now you need to understand that to get into my seeing room you have quite a bit of a journey...
You have to come in from outside, walk through the painting room, through a door way, up a very steep long set of steps,
was then into the sewing room.
First I laughed and then said to take her back outside but the ridiculousness of the situation we thought was worth capturing.
Only Mrs Hen had other ideas....

Settling into the corner on top of a piece of Vilisofix ( which was a bit rough on one side and two slippery on the other) she set forth to create a nest.

To give the girl a bit of a hand we shared our scraps and a chunk of raffia with her

Unfortunately we had to go out so we left her to hopefully make lunch....
Sadly when we returned there was no lunch but more than enough small 'parcels' to put me off my lunch! LOL

I felt more than a bit annoyed that after all that help she would leave the sewing room in such a mess.

Then yesterday whilst in a big hurry, I raced to the corner to grab some freezer paper and was just about to hurtle the scraps and raffia over my shoulder when I discovered she'd been back....

Now how gorgeous is that????
Have a great day and remember to enjoy the simple little things...