Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We are at Toowoomba Quilters exhibition with a small stand. If you would like to come visit that would be great!
Here's some information on the group.
The photos tell it all...

Had to put in this photo as this is the little 'quilted stand' to hold all the groups flyers. Thought it was great!

The raffle quilt.

This isnt a quilt and the photo shows nothing of how fantastic this stool is!!!

Members work all year to put together a finished goods stand.

Workshops on the go

Finishing community quilts

Group workshop projects finished and on display

Robyn Ginn has been demonstrating hand quilting on another one of her beautiful quilts

This is one block from one of Robyn Ginn's fabulous hand embroidred quilts (just boasting because the white bird is one of my buttons LOL)

This was AMAZING!!!

This is part of a textured vest

Kaffe Fasset quilts on show

My favourite is always a double wedding quilt

Huge and all done by hand

My Mum is a Toowoomba Quilter so here is her entry into the show (below)

A memory quilt of her mothers life (my amazing Gran who taught me to sew and was my silent business partner when i started the buttons. She was my money man LOL)

Centre block of gran as a small child and a crocheted collar for a frame. Gran crocheted the collar.

I took this photo of Gran when i was 17 and in first year of uni doing an art degree.

God love her because we all did!!!
These following blocks were all from one long wall hanging. They just had to be shared!

All hand stitched and TOTALLY AMAZING!!!
Show finishes 3 pm this Friday:-(
What an inspiration!
Nikki :-)


CĂ©lia Maria de Sousa Arruda Jacobino said...

Hello, Brazil, 09/26/2012
Very nice and wonderful this exhibition, I am so sorry distante.Mas wish much success and sorte.Adorei come to know your blog and I'm already seguir.Espero you can visit my virtual corner and enjoy.

Jenny said...

wow some amazing work there.