Monday, September 10, 2012

Secret Women's Business

Oh me, oh my.... I think my right arm and my two eye balls are going to divorce me!
And I can't even show you why LOL
I'm off to Toowoomba this weekend to be one of the tutors at the FABULOUS Stitchers Day Out. No doubt it will be a fantastic weekend but gee am I running late....
Marion and Stef will hopefully be so busy with making all things beautiful that they won't notice! (if only I was so lucky LOL)
I have to say I'm happy with the projects I've made but trying to get so many little lovelies written into patterns, I think I may have gone a bit over board!
And I know Natalie Bird from the Birdhouse and Gail Pan are both well and truly organized and finished....
Marion supplies each of the three designers with two lots of fabric for us to do a pattern for each lot. With a total of six patterns for each guest to receive. Tricky bit is, I've made six items just on my own....
I guess all the girls who come will be busy!

I do believe there are still places available for the weekend if you would like to come. Contact The Quilters Angel at Highfields for more details.
(just don't let them know I am still working on getting it all done LOL)
I can't show you any pictures as it's a surprise!!!

Here's a few pictures of what I've been up to lately... Enjoy

Went to a craft market with Lisa Dopking of Megelles Bears...

Folded lots of fat quarters.

Ordered more Tilda and cant wait for it to arrive.

Put in another order for Dress it up buttons.

Had a stand at Redlands Quilt Extravaganza

But made John or Mike do all the work so i could chat with the girls who came to visit.

Set up a display of my collection of cotton reel furniture for all the visitors to see

Took along some of my toy sewing machines to show as well.

Backed the display with antique quilts from the USA.

Have been playing around and made some cute little herb signs just to do something different.

And started making some little Positive Pebbles just because i could LOL And everyone seemed to like them...

Made some groovy little pincushions in tiny tin buckets just for fun...

And added more bits into the scrap bin in the shop.

So as you can see I have been pretty busy just working, stitching and having a few giggles along the way!
Will look forward to maybe seeing you at Highfields on the weekend

Hope you are having a happy day

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Anthea said...

Hi Nikki, I have loved your buttons for ages, but only just started visiting your blog. Wow oyu have been busy, and no doubt your 6 (!) patterns will be very well received at the stitching day. I hope that you enjoy the event...