Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flowers are every where....

Happy snapped around a very small park up here on the way home from the Toowoomba Quilters Show last night.
Hope you enjoy these. (Sorry if some are a bit dark, it was getting late)

For the avid gardener i tried to include the signs with the names of the plants

I was blown away!!

These were like little cabbages

An ant was trying to take over...

Shrub sculpture was happening but i couldn't get a good photo of the ducklings..

These red ones and cream ones below are the same plant but different colours. Gorgeous!!

A statue In honour of my kids!!!

A simple lavender bush. wish i could grow one this 'simple'...

Yep this is all flowers

Gotta love this... check out the grubs shoes...

This was spectacular

This was covered in masses of tiny yellow roses..
the temptation was enormous... surely no one would notice...
then this..

Gotta love it!!!
so if you are around then Toowoomba is a place not to be missed!
and remember this was only a very very small park on Cnr West Street and Herries Road! just made my heart sing!!!
wishing you a very beautiful and happy day

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