Friday, September 14, 2012

Thanks Mr Colgate

Well another big day at Brandy Gully. Phew! Glad that one is over!
Have now finally finished writing all the patterns for the weekend! Now that is certainly cutting it way too fine!!
Poor Marion, she has the patience never seen before. LOL
I have only got two sleeps to go and I am sure I am more excited than the girls who are coming to stitch would be!!
Nothing beats finishing writing a pattern as it is such a ghastly job :-/

Today I finally put Dental Floss to the test...

Good old Colgate! If they only knew...
I always carry a pack of dental floss in both my handbag and my stitching kit, as I never know when I might need to stitch and the little cutters inside the floss packs are great for cutting thread and they don't take them off you when you board a plane!
Tonight however I was finishing off a pin cushion and wanted to pull the cushion in using a button on each side. As usual my thick quilting thread kept breaking so out came the dental floss...

Not much harder to thread through a doll needle, it was well worth it.

With a pink button on the bottom and a blue one on the top..

My happy little cushion was finished in seconds!
So thanks Mr Colgate!
And just in case you are wondering, (I did get asked the other day, in a class, if it matters if the floss is mint flavored, and I can't see there would be much of a difference to a button- but it would taste better if you sucked on your cushion LOL)
Anyway theres a little button tip to add to your collection!
I hope you are having a happy stitching time :-)


Anthea said...

I do love that look of the buttons pulled in like that, but how do you fasten the thread when you're done? Cute pincushion too...

Anonymous said...

good tip and cute pin cushion. Can you say where you buy tht small size colgate3 floss?? Would appreciate that info. Thanks.