Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pattern writing is for the birds

Another big day here still madly working. Got 'cabin fever' ( I call it jail fever) so set off in Whinnie to pick up some bits to finish off a project and head to 'the great outdoors' so I could finish writing patterns.
Got as far as the first part, then called in at a friends for a cuppa and there I stayed...
Actually got thrown out because my 'wonderful friend' thought I should get back to work! LOL
Never made it to the sea side but you should see people's faces when you pull up in a motorhome to purchase office supplies! Now that's a laugh and a giggle!
Saw this great decoration idea the other day and took a photo to share..

Yes they are white paper doileys, folded over and glued to a piece of wool

Thought they looked really cool and great for any party!
Christina also popped in the other day and brought some quilts to show..

Go you good thing! All that stitching.. Phew

Then this one I have made too...

A great Chook Shed design of old. And of course a wonderful shaggy quilt

Well done Christina!!
There is nothing like the feeling of finishing a quilt!!
I am busting to get to Toowoomba this weekend for the Stitchers Day Out and even happier now that half the patterns are finished and all the samples are done!
Kiln of special design buttons come out tomorrow so i hope they have worked! Decided to make a limited edition set of buttons just for those who come on the weekend. The things I do..
Best part is, if they don't work out, no one will know! LOL
Anyway over the weekend I can post some photos.

Hope you are having a happy day

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