Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stitchers Day In...

Well the first day of the Toowoomba Stitchers weekend has come and gone and has been absolutely fabulous!

I still cant show you all the pictures of the projects and the room as there is still one more day to go.

Natalie Bird is up here along with Gail Pann. Natalie did some great demonstrations today with zips and with paper pieces. Gail was demonstrating hand quilting and single layer binding, as well as needle turn appliqué. (of course i had to watch as i needed to learn some handy tips on all that too)

My demonstrations were on 'What tool is that', perfect points with Clover fork pins, needle turn applique and stitching tips. It amazes me how the three of us do stitching and yet we do it so differently and have such an aria of techniques.

Show and Tell was on and the finished projects were fantastic.
This is the folder and pencil case made from the Stitchers Folder I launched up here in March. What a great job!!

The venue is wonderful, the weather is just awesome and we are surrounded by the beautiful flower displays of Toowoomba's Carnival of Flowers!

This isn't a great photo of the beautiful set up that Marion and Stef have put together but I'll be able to show you more tomorrow.
After all this is 'secret women's business' and you've got to be here to be in on the secrets...
Well worth coming and Marion announced the Tutors for March and September next year, today so check out their web site for more information
I hope you are having a happy stitching day

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Jenny said...

Thanks Nikki for a fantastic Day in Toowoomba. I really enjoyed your stories both during the day and after dinner. I loved looking at your beautiful work and hearing about the essentials all quilters should carry in their sewing kit. Of course I will laugh about the chook story for a long , long time....LOL