Monday, June 27, 2011

Threads and more threads

Sew here I sit after at least 2 hours. Got a heap of the beautiful Cosmo threads at the wholesale show last week.

Winding threads onto cardboard can sure take time.

And as you can see I have alot of spaces to fill. The thread feels gorgeous though.


Joy said...

Noice!!! :o)
Joy :o)

Kate said...

I like the process of winding the thread - something to do in front of TV and as those boxes fill up they are better than a jar full of lollies!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Nik so glad to hear you now have some Cosmo threads to play with. I asked again the other day for you to be told you have some to play with. I just love the ones I have and want to take one of every colour home !!!! :)
Such beautiful threads that just glide through your fabric and have a nice sheen to them.
Gosh i sould like I own a patchwork shop ! LOL
Enjoy your playing