Monday, June 6, 2011

Flood quilts

Wandered down to Cleveland Star Sea Quilters today to show the finished flood quilts that we were able to make using the blocks that were so kindly sent in by every one.  Thanks to a wonderful friend of mine, Val who put them all together so beautifully.  I was so confused as to how to get them all to fit that I figured I would leave it up to an expert and what an expert she was.
Here are the eight so far and another wonderful friend, Anne, is still going on the last one.  As soon as I can I will take a close up photo of each one and post it for you all to see.
Thank you to every one who donated a block and helped make these lovely quilts possible.  I am sure they will be loved by the people who receive them at Grantham.
Hope you had a fabulous day like I did.

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