Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Having a blast today trying to get a million things done in one hour.  For those of you that know me must be thinking 'yeh so whats new?'  LOL  Well some people just can't change no matter how much we try.  Anyway if we were all the same then things would be boring.  I keep telling John I keep his life 'interesting' and when he tells me he is 'trying', then we always know what sort of 'trying' that is.  Rapid response is "I'll say your trying"  LOL
Anyway back to the day.  Which brings me onto Dayview Textiles.  They are the importers of the lovely Robyn Pandolf fabrics.  Just so you know here is something I have only just found out.  We here in Australia, actually get the fabric 3 months earlier than the USA.  Yay is all I can say to that......

Anyway the fabrics are just lovely and very different for me as they are all floral and pretty and soft.  I think I am becoming an addict....
Dayview offered some fabrics around a couple of designers to make a quilt for the wholesale show at the end of this month and I just had to have a play.  So I am nearly finished the top on my beautiful Robyn Pandolf quilt.  Genevieve Jackson (my super wonderful quilter) is then going to quilt it for me.  So it is all exciting!!!  No buttons but lots of yummy fabric.  The quilt is going to be about 2.3 metres square ( 8 foot) so it is a lovely quilt and guess what.  Even though Dayview have supplied everything, I get to keep the quilt.  YIPPEE.
Heres a sneak look.
 Isn't it pretty.  Still needs a fair bit to go so don't think this is the finished quilt.  But the fabrics are just too lovely.  They will be available in our shops extra soon.  Australian Patchwork and Quilting will be running the quilt as a project in their magazine which is due out in November.  Totally Cool.

Along with working on the quilt I had three friends in today to help me.  Esther was cutting fabric for screen printing, Karen was in cutting buttons and Sandra was wiping the rough edges of all the little chaps getting them ready for me to paint.  They all worked like mental and I didn't have to get the whip out once which was good.  More slaves to add to my already enormous list.  LOL  Thanks girls...

I also got one kiln on last night and a small kiln on today so I am feeling a bit like a super hero!!!  I love getting the kilns on as then I get to open them.  Love all those little lovelies when they have no dust on them.  They are so shiny and wonderful.
I took a photo of this kiln load as I just loved it when I opened it and found all those cute little faces shining up at me. (The ginger bread face is only new and I don't even know if it is up on the web site yet.)  This was just the best kiln load to open when I was so tired and it was early in the morning.  How could that not make your heart sing???

I have also been out to the shops and done the normal 'mum' stuff and done the groceries etc etc.  Boring as hell but you know it is sad on the grocery side when you are eating breaky cereal for afternoon tea and your son ate the cereal for his lunch.  Gee I hate grocery shopping!!

Anyway I am off now to start on a mug bag and a placemat for the cooparoo Quilters Quilt Show this weekend.  If you didn't know I am on the committee and have to look right by being a part of it.  I am also having a trade table there too.  Here are the details if you are interested in coming along.  Let me know if you saw my blog and I might just have something special for you.

Cooparoo Quilters Quilt Show.

4th and 5th June 9am to 4pm
St Agnes Church Hall Cnr TudorSt and Logan Road, Mt Gravatt.
Entry to show is $4.
parking available and wheel chair access available.
Loads of quilts, vendors besides me and lots of other wonderful things to see and enjoy.
Food and Drinks available.

So off to stitch I go and I'll show you tomorrow what I made.  LOL  Wish me luck.


Joy said...

LOL - more slave labour Nikki!?!!?
Looks like you all got plenty done ... good for you :o). Love all those gawjus smiling faces in your kiln too :o).
The quilt is looking fabulous, I really can't wait to see it all finished. Seeya at the Quilt show ........
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Miranda T said...

Please make me a mug bag and placemat too!!
Love you!!

Jennifer said...

I want a mug bag and placemat too if Miranda get them ! LOL

KAYLEE said...

Hi Nikki, I am popping over to say "Hi" after reading Joy's blog, I have become a follower of your BLOG, please feel welcome to pop on over to my BLOG sometime. Cheers Kaylee

Marilyn said...

Your quilt is looking wonderful with its soft loveliness. Look forward to seeing it finished.
Love all those little faces looking up at you.