Monday, January 13, 2014

Hats, glorious hats

For the last 20 years or so I haven't been able to wear a hat.
But as the fear of skin cancer increases with age, a sun hat seems to be a necessary item.
So for the past few years I have been trying all sorts of different hats. Leather acubras- the good old Aussie hat, peak caps, sun visor caps, slouch hats, cricket hats, quilted hats, and the list goes on and on..

2014 has finally drawn me some results. YIPEE I now own some hats.

Only thing is I feel a hat is not a hat, unless I love it so much and it makes me feel happy, then it's a hat.
This particular girl has requirements...
If I bend over, it can't fall off.
If its windy, it can't blow off.
It has to match a variety of outfits.
It can't get too hot to wear.
It must be washable if possible.
It must cover my ears from the sun.
It must fit my head, as I have a huge one.
It must be able to have my hair tucked into it and still stay on..
And lastly, preferably, I have to either think it looks fashionable (and not much does on me LOL) or it must make me smile which ultimately makes my family cringe. 😃
Wrap all this up and I will wear this hat!

So with much excitement this year I discovered crocheted hats. I thought I would share what I have bought and where I found some amazing zany hats.

Before I continue, I also want you to know a couple of things that I have just learnt in 2014...
I have just learnt that bright colors touch all your 'chakras' thus if you wear rainbow colours it is impossible to feel low in happiness or energy.
I have always been a bit of a hippy naturalist at heart.
I love zany things.
I am sick of trying to please every one with what I wear..
And no I don't do crazy things to be the centre of attention, I do them because it makes me laugh and freaks out my kids LOL
So on with the hats...

Dreadful photo as i had to take it myself, but the hat is awesome. it is crocheted in cotton, that is obviously varigated, bright, matches my crazy beach cover up, inspires every 'chakra' i could possibly have, has a broad brim that covers my shoulders, i can swim in it too, and it has a wired brim, so i can shape it or squash it. Plus, it stretches over my hair and doesn't fall off. this one i bought in the 'hippy shop' in Malanda and is made somewhere overseas.. Awesome!

Then today I went to the local markets and look what I found..

Modelled by the artists friend, and all these hats are made by hand here in Brisbane..

The crochet work is Devine.. and this one wasn't bright enough to inspire my happy gland...

Lousy photo but awesome yet again.

I liked this one but it wouldn't fit and must say not too keen on yellow...

I thought i was going to break this trying to fit it on my head... so creative.

Brown was not my colour but in any other color this one would have been a keeper!

I had bought one already and then went back to get the blue (too small for my head) so I settled on the black and white for a more sophisticated look...

This was my first choice. Fabulous colors and every way you wear these hats they look different.

The photos are a bit crazy because I took them myself but check out the vents for air circulation.
Then here's a close up of the black and white hat

The reason why I thought I would share these hats on my blog is to give a 'well done gold star' to the creator.

With all her details

Because if u are interested in thread, crochet, soft sculpture of any sorts of craft, these hats might be a bit 'out there for you' but the workmanship is nothing short of Awesome. And I just needed to share them with you.

My sincere thanks to Jenny Racine, for the marvellous hats, your inspiring art work, the solutions to my hat head problems.. and your talent is nothing short of amazing!
Please go visit Jenny's website as this girl is going places...
I Hope you are having a happy hat day

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