Thursday, June 28, 2012

There's a tiny bear in there

Met Lisa Dopking and her three lovely bear fanatic friends the other day and thought I'd show you some photos...

These little chaps are only about 3 inches tall. Campbell, the one in the brown jump suit in the centre stayed living with me..

Had to have a mouse too but Tracey put her in a little sweater and head band before leaving her

Still feeling the hole in my heart for not keeping this gorgous little chap that Loraine made..

The eyes have it! Susan is so clever!! What a cutie..

We all ended up in Lisa's studio stitching up a storm..

A couple of Lisa's beautiful babies..

My two getting ready to come home with me. Gotta admit they are the cutest ever!!

Me and my new best friends. From left, Tracey, Susan, Lisa and Loraine. I'm the one trying to hide a few in my grasp..
Lisa will be coming to teach in my shop later in the year. Can't wait!!!
Hope you are having a beary wonderful day


Little Bear Company said...

Looking good! Thanks Nicki for such a lovely visit to your shop and studio. I will be back! Hugs

Joy said...

They really were gawjus weren't they!! So glad Campbell came home with you, at least I get to visit him ;o).
Big hugs,
Joy :o)