Thursday, June 14, 2012

No idea

Ever had a time in your life when you know you ought to be working but you have no idea where to even start??
Well this disease ( I call it that as it is a very new experience for me) has infected my life and I haven't a clue which way is up.
So my way of dealing with this sort of affliction is through humor!

So here are a few random thoughts, things I have done or seen,over the last few weeks...

As always Mr Disney states it so well LOL
I look at these two cartoons on my phone regularly to keep a smile on my dial!! So thought I'd share them...
Some other adventures..

On the way home from the trade fair two weeks ago we went via Bathurst to visit Annie and Pete from Hatched and Patched.
Of course we had to drive Whinnie on 'The Track'. This was Mt Panaramor.

The famous straight. It is a 60klm zone any other day than race day so John just had to make his own noises.. LOL

Just so you know for sure we were there.

We asked Annie to take a photo of Whinnie and us and this is the photo she took... She thought it was a great photo of the two dogs! (Just wondering exactly who she was talking about!)

I know this is a terrible photo but a couple of weeks back I traveled to Stroud on NSW to teach and my lovely hostess lived on a free range chook farm. Being me, I just had to get amongst it all and here are some of the 'girls'.

All tucked up in bed safe from the wild dogs.

Gorgeous Googs from happy hens.

Stacked ready to join the rest in the cooler.

As you can see the girls had been very busy!!

We did do sewing as well. A table runner made using charm squares was one of the projects made.

Chloe had a major obsession with doileys...

Not bad for a young one just smashing a new outfit together. Chloe was taking it home to do the final touches.

Chloe and her sports coach
also made these. A pencil case and a pincushion from her doiley stash.

The one thing I did learn from the Doiley Queens, was if you need alot of one doiley or cant find different ones, buy old crochet table cloths and chop them up! It may seem obvious to you but wasn't to me!
And finally a tip sheet found in a loo of a patchwork shop recently...

I always say the only reason that I need to buy fabric is 'To have and to hold and to stroke' LOL

Hope you are having a happy day

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