Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank artists for light

Having had a nanna nap till 9pm, we set off for dinner. The Rocks in Sydney are known for their artists.
This is exceptional


Chimes inside

The sound was amazing

These changed color

John thinks this one looked like a hair tie gone hey wire..

Just a special touch to what is a very 'normal' bridge???

My favourite (well almost)

What a chandelier

I want one..

The world really is flat

And now i know how it spins

Just because it was amazing

My absolute favourite!!

John on the run..

Me!!! Looking fabulous!!! LOL thanks to Reanna for making me look so good..

Found this in a walkway. If only everyone who did graffitti was this honest!

A harbourside restaurant where keeping the customers happy is a true priority!! They were lounging watching the lights on the opera house


Moving art. It was this big!!!

Whinnie watching it all happening. Thankfully we just drive 50 metres up the ramp onto the flat so we can sleep flat..

The real me having a hoot!!
Hope you are having a happy day

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