Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The GREATEST Quilters Insult

I read the other day the best way to insult a Quilters was to ask them to either mend your clothes or take up a pair of pants

Well I have found THE GREATEST INSULT that is even bigger than that....

Ask them to mend the BRAND NEW $250 dog bed!! And yes it already STINKS!!!

Practicing free motion quilting is sure as eggs not meant to be done like this, on THIS!!!

PS does any one know how to deflea a sewing machine?

And I'm asking you...

Would you trash a luxury velour kingsize bed the week your parents bought it for you?

Who was that twit that said having a dog was better than a kid?
I could at least smack the kid and he would know what it was for. And I could ground him and make him do jobs for the next week!
Ya can't do that with a dog!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am so excited! I have just bought a Apple Mac lap top computer that will be all just for me!!!
You should see the rest of the gizmos I got too.
I also got a video camera so I can start doing online videos. (and keep your thoughts clean when I say that!!!)
Yee Haa
Now I just need to learn how to use it all!?
What a computer hound dog I will be!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rosewood Hexagon queens

Gotta tell you the hexagon quilts at Rosewood were amazing

Check this queen size quilt of 1/2" hexagons

Middle of quilt

Inner border

Outer border

Total quilt.....
This one was different but loved the quilting as it added to the hexagons didn't detract from all the hand work

Note the simplicity adds to the hexagons while making the quilt so pretty

Loved it!!

Forgot to get a photo of the whole quilt but even the quilting in the borders were simple but added to the overall effect,

I missed this ladies name but she was kind enough to be sitting demonstrating her 1/2" hexagon quilt.


The centre rose and lattice border was incredible!!

Show runs all this weekend and of course I spent heaps at Rose Patchwork, the timber turners, the sales table and of course Cath's country designs. Was just so inspired and loved the laughs along the way....,

Rosewood quilt show

A lovely friend took me to Rosewood today for the local quilt show.
Here are some photos that are giving you an idea of the talent.

Machine embroidery is not really my thing but this quilt was amazing

Lousy photo but check out the detail


The blocks were amazing.

See this one, all hand done

A big quilt all hand blanket stitched


Beautiful fabrics and just superb

This one was needle tuned and embroidered

Again lousy photo of an amazing quilt

Stitching all over

Billions made the waratars look amazing.

Zoom in if you can. This is a wow quilt.
Check out the hexagon queens in the next post!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun

Yep, I have been on yet another patchwork retreat last weekend. Thought I would share some photos of the 'pretty in pink night'

- Princess Margaret came all the way back from the grave to join us. And what a hoot she had

The pink Triplets turned up, and even though I know these three really well, for love nor money could I tell who was who. Obviously identical pink triplets!!

No event would be a true one without the local hippie / Tina Turner in attendance.

Not sure if such a tiny pink bikini should be warn by someone with such fair skin but I guess with the sun already gone down, all was good with no SPF 50.

Judging was carried out by dancing in a circle around and under a pink fairy wand. The music and laughter was getting a bit loud at this point!!

And the winner!!!
Don't ask me who this is as I had no idea at the time and I think it is best left that way!
If you are looking for the photo of me? Sadly I was so exhausted from laughing I had to sit and try to not have an asthema attack and the only pic I do have is certainly not one that can be released into a public forum.....

We did get a lot of sewing done but these photos sum up the weekend better than a quilt!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Advent pattern

Gearing up for the pattern of my large Christmas advent calender due out in the next month or so in Australian Patchwork & Quilting.

-next time I will remember that there is 25 buttons involved!!! LOL
Just as well I love making buttons!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally remembered

Took about silly with a computer. Forgot how to blog thus haven't been. But now I'm back LOL
Been totally flat out painting buttons, writting patterns, teaching, travelling and of course, stitching and quilting.
Travelled to Tannum Sands (Gladstone) to teach at a retreat.

Took Mike, my son with me. This was him having breakfast on the way up. He was sorry he came??
Called in on Patchwork on Pallas too. Have never seen so much stock in such a small shop. Totally amazing! Something for every one

One little hallway

Another bit of the shop

- but wait there is more

And more

Got totaaly overwhelmed at this point and my camera went flat. The girls where great and so helpful with lightening my wallet and carrying stuff to the car.....
Well worth the stop if you are heading north