Friday, August 26, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun

Yep, I have been on yet another patchwork retreat last weekend. Thought I would share some photos of the 'pretty in pink night'

- Princess Margaret came all the way back from the grave to join us. And what a hoot she had

The pink Triplets turned up, and even though I know these three really well, for love nor money could I tell who was who. Obviously identical pink triplets!!

No event would be a true one without the local hippie / Tina Turner in attendance.

Not sure if such a tiny pink bikini should be warn by someone with such fair skin but I guess with the sun already gone down, all was good with no SPF 50.

Judging was carried out by dancing in a circle around and under a pink fairy wand. The music and laughter was getting a bit loud at this point!!

And the winner!!!
Don't ask me who this is as I had no idea at the time and I think it is best left that way!
If you are looking for the photo of me? Sadly I was so exhausted from laughing I had to sit and try to not have an asthema attack and the only pic I do have is certainly not one that can be released into a public forum.....

We did get a lot of sewing done but these photos sum up the weekend better than a quilt!


Joy said...

Wasn't it a fabulous weekend!!!!!
We all had such a blast. Oh, and don't worry Nikki, I think I have a couple of pics of you that night - I can hunt them out for you if you like he he he ;o).
Love n Hugs,
Joy :o)

Cath Ü said...

Yes Plerase Joy... we want to see... LOL

Cath Ü