Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The GREATEST Quilters Insult

I read the other day the best way to insult a Quilters was to ask them to either mend your clothes or take up a pair of pants

Well I have found THE GREATEST INSULT that is even bigger than that....

Ask them to mend the BRAND NEW $250 dog bed!! And yes it already STINKS!!!

Practicing free motion quilting is sure as eggs not meant to be done like this, on THIS!!!

PS does any one know how to deflea a sewing machine?

And I'm asking you...

Would you trash a luxury velour kingsize bed the week your parents bought it for you?

Who was that twit that said having a dog was better than a kid?
I could at least smack the kid and he would know what it was for. And I could ground him and make him do jobs for the next week!
Ya can't do that with a dog!


Joy said...

Uh-oh ..... I bet I know who did that LOL. I take my hat off to you Nik, there's no way I would have taken on that job - but good to know where to take ours if Bundy decides to do the same to his (much less luxurious) bed LOL!!!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Pami said...

oh nikki, i need to teach you a special word..."NO!"

only slightly more insulting was making a nice girly pink cot quilt for a dear friends grandaughter, only to be told it was being used as a topper for the BBQ before the baby ever left the bassinet...hmmmmm

from now on, you are 'wayyyy too busy for dog beds'

huggs, pami xox