Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rosewood Hexagon queens

Gotta tell you the hexagon quilts at Rosewood were amazing

Check this queen size quilt of 1/2" hexagons

Middle of quilt

Inner border

Outer border

Total quilt.....
This one was different but loved the quilting as it added to the hexagons didn't detract from all the hand work

Note the simplicity adds to the hexagons while making the quilt so pretty

Loved it!!

Forgot to get a photo of the whole quilt but even the quilting in the borders were simple but added to the overall effect,

I missed this ladies name but she was kind enough to be sitting demonstrating her 1/2" hexagon quilt.


The centre rose and lattice border was incredible!!

Show runs all this weekend and of course I spent heaps at Rose Patchwork, the timber turners, the sales table and of course Cath's country designs. Was just so inspired and loved the laughs along the way....,


Jeanette said...

Hey Nikki, the rose hexagon quilt is by Olive. I think she's the president of Rosewood quilt club. Hugs,

Cath Ü said...

Hi Nik... yes Olive is the president of the Rosewood Quilters... It was a fantastic show... It was lovely to see you girls again... sorry I was so busy and couldn't have a good chin wag with you all... but Nikki I would like to thank you for the fantastic goodbye wave you gave me... you put so much energy into that wave.... LOL

Cath Ü