Thursday, May 31, 2012

Designer Disaster cont...

Well you wanna know the end of the designer disaster story?
Well sorry, it's dark and in Whinnie I cant get a good picture.

We were scheduled to leave Brisbane at 3am this morning and finally left at 1pm. Not too much after schedule???
Couldn't leave before I printed off some patterns of my new 'tiny stitches' patterns..
Here's a sneak preview of them as I am still making the samples..

So here we are 'making a mile' down the Pacific Highway in the dark and where there is a will there is a way...

Yes that is my rechargeable Ott light, and yes it was as 'flat as a tack' when I went to use it.
Super Camper John has this gizmo that if he plugs his gizmo into the dash, I plug my light into that and Yes People, we have light!!!
Stuffing little cushions in the dark is OK but trimming off excess fabric and clipping curves gets a bit tricky..

Here's John listening to the UHF and note the Ott light in the reflection??? What a groovy gadget!

My sewing basket is now an Ikea box between the two front seats!

Just think, only 500klms to go...

John thinks because I haven't complained all afternoon he is going to take me across the Nullabor!
Now I ask you?
And men think women are dumb???

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tilda hits my sewing soul

If you haven't heard, then here is the best news ever....
I am so excited!!!
Love this fabric!! Pretty yet strong colors. Just my style!
So I've been stitching up a storm!

My wonderful friend Leonie and i have been going like mad fleas since Friday night

Tilda charm squares are every where...

Scraps are flung into the pile but just too pretty to throw out!!

The piecing has been relentless...

'Sweetie' just wants a blanket and a well earned nap..

The centre stitchery is done and quilted...

Considering this is just the second time 'Sweetie' and i have played together, i think we became good friends..

So here's Mike doing 'show and tell'..

Gotta say, 'loving it' and a huge thanks to Leonie!! And Ann for a special little tip and Val for helping hand stitch the last bit of the binding.
With 24 hours until 'Whinnie' leaves to carry me and my brand new delights to Sydney, i reckon I've only got about another months work to do.....

Well it does say 'dreams' on the quilt...
Hope you are having a happy day

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Designer disaster

Well some may think that designing always goes the way it should, but I'm here to tell you, most days are as funny as a flea..

Made this design up ages ago, loved the stitchery!!

Wholesale show is on this week in Sydney so figured i should get some new gear finished.
Sadly design defect hit my stitchery and i ended up with this..

Now I'm asking you, what the???

So my beautiful stitchery turned into the foot high cushion that definitely was wierd!!
Now it sure isn't staying that way!!
Quick unpick has been mighty busy tonight!!
Now for remodeling...

See you tomorrow with the end result!
Yes it has less than 24 hours to be spectacular!!
Hope you are having a happy day