Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Designer disaster

Well some may think that designing always goes the way it should, but I'm here to tell you, most days are as funny as a flea..

Made this design up ages ago, loved the stitchery!!

Wholesale show is on this week in Sydney so figured i should get some new gear finished.
Sadly design defect hit my stitchery and i ended up with this..

Now I'm asking you, what the???

So my beautiful stitchery turned into the foot high cushion that definitely was wierd!!
Now it sure isn't staying that way!!
Quick unpick has been mighty busy tonight!!
Now for remodeling...

See you tomorrow with the end result!
Yes it has less than 24 hours to be spectacular!!
Hope you are having a happy day


Joy said...

Hey, you could've used it as a foot stool lol!!
Joy :o)

Sue McKee said...

Nikki, make it the lid of a sewing basket. Use template plastic or cardboard behind it to stiffen it up.