Thursday, May 31, 2012

Designer Disaster cont...

Well you wanna know the end of the designer disaster story?
Well sorry, it's dark and in Whinnie I cant get a good picture.

We were scheduled to leave Brisbane at 3am this morning and finally left at 1pm. Not too much after schedule???
Couldn't leave before I printed off some patterns of my new 'tiny stitches' patterns..
Here's a sneak preview of them as I am still making the samples..

So here we are 'making a mile' down the Pacific Highway in the dark and where there is a will there is a way...

Yes that is my rechargeable Ott light, and yes it was as 'flat as a tack' when I went to use it.
Super Camper John has this gizmo that if he plugs his gizmo into the dash, I plug my light into that and Yes People, we have light!!!
Stuffing little cushions in the dark is OK but trimming off excess fabric and clipping curves gets a bit tricky..

Here's John listening to the UHF and note the Ott light in the reflection??? What a groovy gadget!

My sewing basket is now an Ikea box between the two front seats!

Just think, only 500klms to go...

John thinks because I haven't complained all afternoon he is going to take me across the Nullabor!
Now I ask you?
And men think women are dumb???

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Michael said...

very cool mum, glad to see you're having fun and getting stuff done :D