Monday, November 19, 2012

Driving versus flying

All the reasons why Driving to Melbourne instead of flying is DUMB!!

1pm left home 5 hours late..can't do that with a plane
4.39pm still in Queensland ...would have been in Melboune by now- even if I had left at 1pm
4.38pm have to write this in notes and then copy into blog or Facebook as NO INTERNET.. Would have been in Melbourne by now!!
4.40 pm still no reception so Can't catch up with what every other person is doing on FB that is more interesting than looking at dead trees and grass going past the window ... At least a plane has a view or a tv screen
4.45pm just realised I can't even harass my friends by text, And they would all probably think this was FUN anyway... Planes are more fun as they go faster
4.47pm finally got a text YAY!! Rotten thing is, kids are all going out for dinner for a steak and I will be eating microwave food.. Yep never thought it , but aeroplanes have better food
4.49pm Travelling at 20klms under the speed limit because a truck can't go up a hill... Nothing slows a plane down once it starts its journey!
4.50pm Did u know roads are rougher for longer than air turbulence .. I will never be frightened again!!
4.51pm gotta take a photo of dead scrub to prove that scenery from a plane is way better.. Believe me plane view is!!

4.54pm realize leg room is more comfortable on a if that doesn't convince you, nothing will
4.57pm waiting for phone reception so I can post my blog... Would have no wait if I had caught a plane as I WOULD BE THERE BY NOW!!!
4.58pm EPIPHANY MOMENT: all the grey nomads think this is cool, driving around the country side, because - wait for it- most of them are going senile and if they aren't then this will sure make them that way...
5.02pm still no reception, another Epiphany - truck drivers have to drive trucks on the road because if they could fly, they would be out of a job!!! ONLY good reason for driving!! We need trucks!! (What else would little boys play with in sand pits.. Now I know another reason why sand pits aren't my thing...)

Thankfully this person still has a job...
5.09pm still in Queensland.. ugh..john now drinking coffee milk to stay awake... if he was on a plane he could have a nap and not kill himself...

Proudly sponsored by Dare... because sadly we 'dared'...
5.12pm still more dead grass and Aussie scrub.. and no reception.. but hey John cant figure out what the 'black tape' is that was running along that particular fence and is so impressed by the 'flat paddock of nothing that goes for as far as he can see!
Need I say any more!!!???
Planes Win!!!!
Hope you are having a happy non driving to Melbourne day

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Joy said...

Are we there yet???
Are we there yet???
Are we there yet???
Mwah xxxxxxxxx