Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Aussie birds

Called in to stay with John and Judy Hall of 'Punch with Judy' fame last night. Up early this morning to go check out the farm before our last bit of travel into Melbourne.
Here are some pictures of the emus..

I got to feed the little chicks their morning tea..

They are already over a foot tall and only a few weeks old.

These ones are the teenagers

Very curious little fellows.

Last years babies but basicly 5 foot tall roughly.. they make a funny 'boonk boonk' noise.
They are pretty friendly. I thought they would just run off but they actually came a bit too close

Emus have quite unusual feathers i learnt..

Two feathers are joined at the tip part that goes into the bird... only bird like it?? maybe the ostrich is the same. not sure. thought the feathers were great though.

Hope you are having a happy day

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