Monday, September 19, 2011

It's a man's world

Well we all know that some of the best Quilters in the world are men, so let's all celebrate and welcome a new Quilter into our world.

Please note the position of his tongue as this had been a critical position of his sewing posture for some time when I took this photo.... LOL

Greg is the son in law of Sue Dailey (who is world reknowned for paper piecing) and yes this was his very first piece of quilting.

His stitches (and I am totally serious!!!) were so small I could barely see them and he put this together in very poor light as well.
I have donated a fat quarter to Greg so we can show him tomorrow how to stitch it to the background and make his first patch into at least a cushion.
So watch this space and help cheer Greg on as the week at the Toowoomba Quilters Quilt Show continues until this Friday.
I am sure if you need any tips on tiny stitches and you come to the show then Greg is your man to ask for advice.

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