Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gregs first block completed

A couple of days ago I told you about Sue Daileys son in law making his first paper pieced block

With a donation from yours truely we moved him onto the needle turn step

Tongue was still in 'stitching position'

With such large 'man hands', how he got the stitches so small is still beyond me!!

Centre block down it is not hard to see how happy he was and we were all thrilled that he was even having a shot at it.

Hand quilting was the next step after he had made the lttle corner pieces and by now, Sue (who is teaching somewhere overseas) was trying to convince him to start working on samples, but there was to be no UFO's for this man!!!

Tongue again in place, after a very quick demo, Greg was into it...

The block was quilted in no time flat!

And all was finished....

(We then made him pose for this shot as he was too tall)
But with some help from our neighbours stand and a bit of rotary cutting help from me, the block became a finished project

A cushion for his Mum back in Canada we were told

Now you'd have to be impressed with that surely!!!!
Go Greg!
According to Sue and Shannon, Greg will now be their principle demonstrator at the shows LOL so watch out for our next 'Ricky Timms' of hand piecing!!!!
Thanks for all the laughs and well done Greg for being such a great sport and giving quilting a shot! I am sure your Mum will be very proud of your cushion if you can bare to part with it!!

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