Monday, June 9, 2014

A few Funnies that tickle my days..

Some people hate Facebook and I guess I can understand their view. I however have a personal page and also one for the business.. So I seem to nonstop be on a computer somewhere.. Oh how my life has changed!
Mainly I use it to keep up with friends I grew up with, stalk my kids and their friends LOL and use it to find wonderful and inspiring craft ideas.. The talent the world has is certainly very humbling!
If you wish to join me on Facebook then you can find my personal page, Nikki Tervo or Brandy Gully Patchwork.

But then there are lots of laughs too and when you work on your own like I do, and appreciate a good laugh, then I will take them from wherever I can find them..

So for the 'non Facebook fans' here are a few of my favourites.. For no other reason than I hope you too can laugh a little..

Found this one at 2am this morning.. Would you have thought of this?? I wouldn't!

Some days..

Gotta get in on some 'scissor action'

Don't I wish...

I think I love Downtown Abbey even more now..

Definitely my middle child..

Good advice..

Yep, I could be a best friend some days..

Gotta laugh..

Every day seems to be a day like this..

Anyway I hope some of those bought a smile to your face..
'If you're happy and you know it.. tell your face'..
Hope you are having a happy day

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