Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Lucky Day!!!

Did you know I am a total nutcase over birds?

Well I am. Meet Henry...

He loves me, he laughs like me and he loves Earl Grey Tea. Always have to share (ojust do not tell my mum as shes convinced im gonna die from a bird disease...)

Henry even loves my glasses...
He whistles the dogs, he calls for Michael, he rings like the phone and is our welcoming committee / door chime when we have customers or visitors.
You can look absolutely horrid in the morning and he will still give you a wolf whistle!

Well guess what??? You're not seeing double...
Henry just got a girl friend and she lovely Earl Grey Tea too!! Meet Tilly..:-)

Now isn't she just the cutest little girl you've ever seen?

My perfect little feathered children... I'm told i can look forward to being a granny bird in about 12 months!!
Im so excited!!
I've been looking for a girl for nearly 2 years...

Now off to paint more buttons...

David Attenborough is on tomorrow night so I gotta get some work done!!
Go Tilly....

Hope you are having a happy day like me :-)

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