Sunday, May 29, 2011

To market to market

Well if life gets a bit mundane then stir up the hubby and kids and have some fun!

I found some finger puppets at the Peru stand at the Chandler markets. Total blast from the past as I used to crochet these as a kid myself with Gran.
$2 each was a bargain but if you bought 5 you got an extra one for free! Can you imagine me walking around the markets not only puppeting all the little kids in strollers but you should have seen Mike when I flashed him the bird (rooster) and then crowed at the top of my lungs. Needless to say, john found me very easily.
Then we all got introduced to a fellow member of the market nutty factory when I befriended 'the pavlova man'. He was very white so had to wear a hat! LOL Then sadly we were out of money and all drove home.
Penguin was great with the gears and donkey was excellent with the indicators.
Watch for our next exciting adventure.

(for those of you who have kids that live in terror of becoming just like their parents- while we were out Matt was studying and had literally drawn two finger puppets on his hand to keep himself company!!! Now that was hilarious)

His were a man being mugged so I reckon mine were cuter but Matt's face when I showed him mine, and we had seriously done them at the same time not knowing, was hysterical.


Joy said...

Ha ha .... hilarious!!!!!! Love your little knitted friends ;o)!! Although Matt's version are a bit sinister lol.
Joy :o)

Allie said...

Looks like a GREAT way to spend the day Nikki - I wanted to pop over and say welcome to blogland, Joy pointed me in your direction and I'm so glad!

Chriss said...

That was a scream, you made me laugh out loud about the mother and soon finger puppets thing! Good on you.